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Colour Lovers! 

My most recent addiction. ;w;
It’s a site that lets you make colours, shapes, pattern templates, colour in patterns from templates (limited to 5 colours) and then share your creations. Here are a few of the 115 coloured patterns so far(!!!) that I have made** over the last few days. Not even a week.. just a few days. ^^;

** note: The patterns are by other people. I just had fun colouring them. > >’

part of it is figuring out what colours go together well for a template or along a theme.. and now, part of it for me is just making stuff. It’s addictive, I love it, and I invite you to join me. :D

http://www.colourlovers.com/ is the site itself - only warning is the  Tour is really annoying, everything else is lovely - and my profile if you want to be my friend (they’re called followers.. and “users” are called “lovers”, how sweet) is here.

I know this isn’t a project, but meh! It’ll do as filler while I finish something up. ^^

  • 15 May 2013
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