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Current and future projects - including, further back, designs I have seen, admire, and wish to emulate.

Urban Lighting: April Travel.

A selection of light trails from London and Helsinki. Not my best, but interesting colours on some.

Recently I have not felt like making anything. From stuff that would help my portfolio, to quilling for fun, to even doodling.. I just haven’t felt like it.So, I have tried to kick myself into doing something, once in a while. Even something silly like this, a simple doodle based off a Kamepan, playing with colours and gradients and completely useless, but somehow, therapeutic to make.I will try to get back into the quilling, the photography, and the really “useful” stuff. But for now, even a silly will do.
A little self-motivation. Plus cool font. (here) 

Urban Lighting: Mall of America.

My light trails from the Mall of America„ not the most interesting, but that’;s because the lighting was hard to play with, ^^ 

Urban Lighting: Madison, Wisconsin.

I am currently travelling round the US for a couple of weeks.. what fun it is to make these. :3
My projects seem to go in phases. Quilling sometime when I get back. For now, light trails. ^^

Series: Urban Fluidity.
Games Arcade.

I was rather worried while taking these that I must have looked.. odd at best. The first few are of a bumper-car-type area, the latter are just general around the arcade.
I miss Japanese arcades a lot. Still, the lights and so on are similarly colourful and bright; so yes. Still working out my preferred methods for light trails, but it’s getting there.

Project Finished: Z&M Valentines Vers.

Finished in that.. a deadline arrived ^^ Not that I was happy with it; it doesn’t feel totally finished.. but as it’s not being sent, just a picture taken, and Z was happy with it, then it’s not to be continued. ^^ 

I really wanted to try making something elegant and different (inside-out from my usual attempts, basically), and.. it worked all right. It’s not my best, it’s completely unbalanced.. but it’s turned out ok. It was worth the foray into new territory; I will be sticking with that I like best in future, though.

However: I am now much more used to quilling paper as a medium, rather cutting my own cardstock to size. That is a bonus to come out of this.

Overall: eh. This is something I learned a lot from rather than succeeded at. Such things are necessary to develop.

Series: Urban Fluidity.
Trafford Centre Edition.

Honestly, there’s not much to say about this; I’m still working out my process, preferences, and what I want out of this. I think that my aim is for organic shapes, unrecognisable locations, and overall vibrancy of colours.

Random Post:

Sometimes I literally just get an idea and have to play with it. “Oh, a simple portrait with the scroll pen setting would be fun.” Yes, yes it would.

Potential Series: Urban Lighting.

Honestly, this was a side effect of trying to get light trails: I found that I could easily get bokeh-effects.. and frankly. I enjoy them. So, this is another project I may be starting for fun, and may publish some pictures on here occasionally.