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Current and future projects - including, further back, designs I have seen, admire, and wish to emulate.

Hello, projects.

Life has kept me very busy, so it’s been a while since I’ve make anything for myself. Inspiration does occasionally hit, though, so.. just a few little things. MW being initials, of course.

More later.. soon.. I hope.

A fun mistake from today at the internship: meant to print on two different sides.. nope. Liked it so much I recreated it in AI :PNot many updates as I have been very busy! … which is good, but not much time for personal work. Oh well. ^^

Photography: Flora.

Had a lovely day in the sun with my camera. Still a lot to learn, but I feel like I am getting somewhere. :3

Something else I’ve been working on recently - not going into my main portfolio, as it is a family project based on Monopoly, using a load of unsourced art (my soul trembles ;3;).. but still, I have worked on this. Layout practice I guess? Research by my Aunt, making a “travel through time” type of board game to try and teach local history to kids. Red is buildings from Roman types, and so on and so forth.

I think it’s a good idea, personally! ..Just a shame it can’t be licensed or anything, as it is now. ^^ 

Once in a while I will just have some fun.
Here is some fun - based on something we did once in University, of trying to play with type to visually express the meaning of a word. I just picked a few random ones as they came into my head. 
A couple will need re-doing - Trapped, as it turned into a Q, and Unheard, as it could be more subtle - but hey. Creating something is better than nothing. I enjoyed Broken. 

I do this thing from time to time where I try to teach myself how to art. This is my latest that I am really, really happy with. Yes, it’s half-traced and colours picked from an official image, but I feel like the end product has a style of its own.Keep trying. That’s all.

Urban Lighting: April Travel.

A selection of light trails from London and Helsinki. Not my best, but interesting colours on some.

Recently I have not felt like making anything. From stuff that would help my portfolio, to quilling for fun, to even doodling.. I just haven’t felt like it.So, I have tried to kick myself into doing something, once in a while. Even something silly like this, a simple doodle based off a Kamepan, playing with colours and gradients and completely useless, but somehow, therapeutic to make.I will try to get back into the quilling, the photography, and the really “useful” stuff. But for now, even a silly will do.
A little self-motivation. Plus cool font. (here) 

Urban Lighting: Mall of America.

My light trails from the Mall of America„ not the most interesting, but that’;s because the lighting was hard to play with, ^^